Round 2 - Walloon -


Round 1 - Adare -


Round 3 - Adare -


Round 4 - Samford -


Round 5 - Castle Hill -


Round 6 - Walloon -



The Wild West is a 6 race series where your best 4 results count.  XCO format.

Laps are determined by time.  A grade around 1.15hr, B grade 1 hr and C grade 50mins.  The tracks vary in length from 4 to 5.2kms.  So Walloon is 5.2kms long and A grade do 5 laps, B 4, C 3 and Under kids 1.

On a harder track like Adare, C grade and Under 15 kids will race on a shorter track.  C grade tries to cater for younger and older riders plus newbies.  The Wild West Series tries to cater for all levels of riders.  

The under 10 riders start the day off at 7.30am with a 15min race on a shortened track.

8am A men and women, 8.02am B men and woman, 8.04am C men and 8.05am C ladies and Under 15 kids who do 1 lap.





Pricing and Location for Skills Lessons

Lessons can be at Walloon or at your favorite mountain bike park

Cost at Walloon

1 Person - $50/hour or $70 for two hours

2 persons - $70/hour or $100 for two hours

3 persons - $80/hour or $150 for two hours


Cost at your choice of Mountain bike park

1 person - $70 / hour or $90 for two hours

2 person - $90 / hour or $120 for two hours

3 person - $110/ hour or $170 for two hours

Momo winning at Jubilee.




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